What does Co-Pastor mean?

Frank Cone & Greg Smith serve as our Co-Pastors. They share the pulpit, and lead the congregation together, while having specific areas of responsibility that they individually oversee.

Pastor FRANK oversees Worship & Congregational Care/Counseling
Pastor GREG oversees Teaching, Assimilation, & Discipleship

Who does what?
The Co-Pastors share big picture leadership: vision, planning, and general direction, while each has areas of specialty in ministry.  These ministry specialties were assigned according to skills, passion, and experience.  We share the pulpit, each of us participating in every sermon series.

Preaching and Sermon Prep
People often ask how we work out the preaching calendar. After prayer and seeking God’s face concerning what the congregation needs from the Word, the Co-Pastors will determine the main preaching series theme. We typically preach verse-by-verse through books of the Bible. From there we divide up the text at its natural breaks, see who is available, and finally consider who has desires (if any) for a specific passage. We work hard on the text together, study our individual passages, share notes, and seek advice on understanding the text as well as delivery.  There will be some specific hours set aside during the week to discuss unique aspects of the text, to review each previous sermon, and to pray.