Our Story

A New Church with Historic Roots

It seems that these days, in our culture, we are regularly hearing about churches that split, because the members can’t seem to get along with each other. Only very rarely do we ever hear of churches in the   same town willingly choosing to join forces in order to better advance God’s Kingdom and better serve the community. By God’s grace, we are just that kind of church!

Grace on the Ashley held its first official worship service on January 2, 2011, but the historical roots of our church go back over 118 years. Our church was formed from the merger of Pierpont Baptist Church and Rutledge Baptist Church. Rutledge Baptist Church officially began 118 years ago, in downtown Charleston, as Cannon Street Baptist Church. As the church grew and ministries expanded, the church moved to a  new property on Rutledge Avenue and later relocated to the current location on Bees Ferry Rd. Pierpont Baptist had been serving the Pierpont area of West Ashley for 50 years before the merger.merge

In January of 2010, God began to plant the vision in our pastors’ hearts that our churches might be able to make a greater impact for Christ together than we were individually, maintaining two separate churches  less than two miles apart. Throughout the year-long process of exploring this vision, God confirmed His Will in the hearts of the two church leadership teams and the two congregations. The result of that process is the launch of Grace on the Ashley Baptist Church…a new church with historic roots. Come by and visit us, and you will find a loving church family, faithful and deep bible teaching, God-exalting worship, and an environment that will challenge you to know God and grow in your faith.