Staff & Leadership

The church staff, elders, and deacons serve the church body by working alongside the congregation in the various ministries of the church: Our pastors and elders provide spiritual leadership and teaching to equip the church, and deacons serve those leading and working in our ministries. (Pastors, elders, and deacons are called by the church based on qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.)


Greg Smith

Lead Pastor

Roger Parker


John Butz


Steve Parks


Joshua Dickard



The church needs deacons to provide logistical and material support so that the elders can focus on the Word of God and prayer. The deacons at Grace on the Ashley serve our body in a multitude of ways including Facilities Support, Ushers, Lifeline Prayer Groups, Greeters, Media, Ordinance Preparation, Fellowship, Finance, Outreach, and Safety and Security.

Jim Pitts

Steven Watford

Ligon Dougherty

Boyd Johnson

Wendell Johnson


Frank Stennett

Michael Jackson

Arnie Smith

Robert Coleman

David English


Donna Faulk

Children’s Ministry Director

Jo Beth Stennett

Financial Assistant