Connect Groups

Connect Groups are where church members really get to know one another and enjoy Christian fellowship. The Bible is very clear in its teaching that the local church is not to be simply a gathering of individual believers whose lives are independent of one another. In fact, the Bible calls us to a very personal inter-dependence…sometimes called “biblical community.” The Scriptures call believers very specifically to practice certain things toward one another. We are instructed to Encourage one another, Fellowship with one another, Be Kind to one another, Confess Sins & Pray with one another, Offer Hospitality to one another, Honor one another, Serve one another, Admonish one another, Instruct one another, Carry Burdens for one another, and Spur One Another Along to love & good deeds…and these are just a few of the things we’re called to do for “one another.” Connect Groups are the small-group environment in our church where we get to put into practice these biblical instructions. Although each of our Connect Groups is unique (and in some ways very different from each other), they share these common goals.

Connect Groups may be created around a variety of activities. Connect Groups can be formed around a Bible study, a common activity or hobby, a sports activity, or really anything that brings people together to practice the “one anothers” with each other. We are always looking for ideas for new Connect Groups


Bible Study Connect Groups
•Sunday Morning Men’s Group
•Sunday Morning Ladies’ Group
•Sunday Morning Mixed Adults Group

Book Study Connect Groups
•Early Morning Men’s Groups

Missions Connect Groups
•WOM (Women on Mission) Groups
Youth/College Age Connect Group