Worship Through Giving

Financial contributions to Grace on the Ashley can occur in many different ways, including:

  1. Placing gifts in offering plates during each worship service
  2. Mailing contribution to the church office
  3. Giving online via e-check or credit card
  4. Donating assets (like stock)

We encourage you to give cheerfully, generously, and faithfully to the many ministries and of the church. Further details for each giving option are provided below.

1) Placing gifts in offering baskets during each worship service: offering envelopes

We invite you to regularly participate in giving as an important part of our worship services, as we God with the first portions of all our wealth (Proverbs 3:9). To that end, we provide envelopes to any regular contributor who chooses to use them. Envelopes provide a tool for managing regular, faithful giving, and allow you to quickly and easily specify how you want each gift allocated among various accounts (e.g., “General Fund”, “Building Fund”, and “Missions”). Envelope information also helps our Financial Secretary and her team to quickly and accurately allocate given amounts between various funds when collected offerings each week. our Church Secretary, Stacey Rasmussen, at 843.556.6802 or by email, for more details, or request your own box of offering envelopes.

2) Mailing contributions to the church office

If mailing your contribution is more convenient, send it to 2014 Bees Ferry Rd, Charleston, SC 29414 Attn: Stacey Rasmussen.

3) Giving online via eCheck or credit card

Grace on the Ashley encourages online giving via the “eCheck” payment option from a checking or savings. We also allow giving via credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. However, we encourage you not to use credit cards unless you plan to pay off your card in full each month . We do not want to contribute to anyone going further into debt.

Use our online giving page to set up recurring or one-time giving via eCheck or credit card. This will require you to register an account on your first visit. After that, you will simply log in each time with you unique username and password.


4) Stock and Asset Donations

Donating stock or other assets that have appreciated in value may provide potential tax benefits. When you give appreciated assets like stock — rather than just cash — to 501(c)(3) not-for-profit like Grace on the Ashley, you are generally exempt from paying capital gains tax. It’s a good way to store up treasure in heaven, while also maximizing the resources entrusted to us while on earth.

Consult with your financial planner or tax adviser before making a stock donation to Grace on the Ashley, determine how/if the potential tax advantages described here apply to your specific situation.